One of our major strengths is that our maintenance staff has over 101 years of combined hands-on aviation maintenance experience. The maintenance staff performs detailed review and analysis of aircraft maintenance documents for compliance with FAA regulations and industry standards. They develop detailed analysis of causal factors relating to accidents and to the aircraft airworthiness. Consequently, the company can offer practical as well as theoretical knowledge in the analysis of complex aviation maintenance issues. 

Combined qualifications of our maintenance staff include

  • Masters in Aviation Safety from Central Missouri State University 
  • A&P/IA 
  • Director of Maintenance for a major aircraft manufacturer 
  • FAA Designated Maintenance Examiner 
  • Aircraft Maintenance Instructor for an aviation college 
  • Lead Inspector for Part 135 operations 
  • Director of Maintenance for corporate Part 91 operations 
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician for turboprop, helicopter, piston, and jet aircraft 
  • Director of Maintenance for helicopter Part 135 operations